Thursday, 19 October 2017

Special Offer / Deals valid till 14 February 2018

Hi all!

As a result of many one time requests, I have come up with a series of special offers or deal for a limited time. Usually, my class is conducted for small groups. Lately, I see many people requesting for a one to one attention and I wish to spend some time on that. 

This special offer or deal is valid till 14 February 2018. It is suitable for people who wants and needs individual attention and also for small groups at a better deal. It is possible to combine both types of classes, such as meditation and yoga, meditation and energy balancing, etc. The rates will slightly differ based on the concern and type. 

Of course, all of these is subject to my availability. If you are keen to take my services, look through the special deals and connect via WhatsApp and / or email. 

Special offer / deals link

WhatsApp: +65-96465719

I look forward to be of service to you. Thank you!


Note: I do not offer free trial classes. 

Special Offer / Deals valid till 14 February 2018 - Esther Neela Blog